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WIN $3000

Mattress Firm of Montana is recognizing students across the state that embody the communities we know and love.

We at Mattress Firm Montana invite you to nominate the inspirational youth from your community who are making strides with their non-profit and volunteer work and reward 6 of them with this $3000 prize each!

How to Become The Next
Student Community Leader


Your submission must be a high school student


We are looking for someone with an amazing and outgoing personality


Someone who really lifts up the community

How to Enter

1. Complete the sign-up form HERE.

2. Create a video showing your community involvement and why you deserve to be the Mattress Firm Montana Student Community Leader.

3. Go to your local Montana Mattress Firm to get your FREE Merch and take a picture for our website. 

See The Community Leader Nominees Near You!

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Contact Us at mattressfirmofmontana@gmail.com

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